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This is a little art zine i made, it's about 8 pages i think and it's all about the things people say (sometimes automatically) that doesn't always mean anything. Since it's so small i'm giving them out for free, (but if you want to send me something in return, like your own zine, that would be awesome! :D), just send me your address via email:

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 im searching for zines to stock in my very new distro. as of yet my site isnt active on the net as i have no stock.

if you have any zines that you want me to consider let me know.

i have limited money to finance my first lot of stock, so please dont be offended if i cant accept your zine.

(if i cant stock your zine, i am offering a written review/info about your zine if you wish to send me a free sample)

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Um, I got an envelope in my mailbox today containing a dollar from a C. Connelly.....

Anyone know who this is and why they sent me a dollar?
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Keep an eye out for Issue 2!

I'm so glad I got a huge response, but unfortunately I only had 7 copies left and they've all been reserved now.
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Hi all!

I've decided I'm going to give away Issue 1 of Art is my Crack for free.

There are three already reserved. Which leaves 7 left.

The first 7 people to email me their address at
will be guaranteed a copy. I will send a reply telling you whether or not
you are one of the first 7 people.

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Ephemera #4 out now! x-posted like a mofo

Hi everyone! I'm just getting the word out that the long-awaited animal issue of Ephemera is now available! This is a SUPERSIZED summer issue with 50% more content so it's $4 instead of the usual $3. I also happily do trades (send me fliers too!). I am back in print with all back issues as well. Paypal quinn @ or write to

P.O. Box 821
Friendswood, TX 77549-0821
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