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new zine taking submissions [May. 21st, 2007|10:28 am]
Zine Submissions


Hey everyone. My name is Ebony and i have a new zine I'm trying to start called Perfect Situation! We are taking submissions!

The first issue's theme is self acceptance and self confidence. I'm looking for submissions about personal struggles, love (getting over someone or how to you learned to love yourself) Also the things you have dealt with and how you've triumphed and overcome your problems or certain issues in your life (like eating disorders, living in the shadow of a sibling, being poor, etc.). These can be in the form of non fiction or fictional stories, poetry, photos, or art work. We are also looking for DIY articles which teach people how to do certain things like crafts, book arts, recipes, beauty tips, etc.

I am also featuring a section called "So What" (think from The Tyra Banks Show. lol) where people can write in secrets, weird things no one knows about them, or just things you are proud of but other people may not like about you or think are cool. For example:

"So what I am 20 years and I still watch Teletubbies! or "So what I am single and own 20 cats!" "So what I slashed his tires. He deserved it for cheating on me!"

Also we are looking to make this zine very visual! If you have random photos of you just being you and having fun and being silly send them in!

We are also having a section featuring bands that have changed your life. You can submit a short response to the question, "What band changed your life growing up and why?"

For more info and rules for submission check out: